A Bear for Tea-Break

This cute little bento is made by my 3 years old daughter.
It's a great way to boost her creativity.If you have time, try it out with your kid. It's simple, easy and fun 😊

wholemeal bread roll, sausage, cheese, seaweed, apple

How to make
1. using a straw, cut out 2 circles from a slice of cheese
2. cut out a bigger circle from the same slice of cheese with a round cookie cutter
3. place all the cut out circles on the bread roll respectively
4. use 
a seaweed punch to cut out seaweed for the facial features of the bear 
5. pick up the seaweed pieces with a toothpick and place them on the circle shape cheese
6. cut the tips of the sausage to create ears for the bear, attach them to the bread roll with toothpicks or a strand of fried sphagetti
7. cut the apple into thin slices, use a cookie cutter to shape the apple slices

Circus Bear

Brighten up your morning with this little bear wearing a circus hat 🌞
Placing it on a ham & cheese roll will make your bento stands out.
Other than that, throw in some animal picks to make it colorful.
Steam some cabbage & carrot as a side dish next to the sausages 😋

Crab Butter Roll

My first attempt on using a butter roll and sausages to create a crab. It was not as difficult as I had thought.

- orange, tako-yaki with a panda pick, jelly, broccoli, sausage + seaweed on butter-roll

Roller-Coaster Breadsticks

I love breadsticks because they can never be boring. You can cut them into so many different shapes and designs.
This time, it's a roller-coaster ride. I added some flower design picks to brighten everything up.

My Melody Breakfast

The popular Sanrio character, My Melody on croissant with mixed fruits and vegetables for breakfast.

After Hina came back from school in the afternoon, I asked her, 'How was your bento? Did you like the 'My Melody' on your croissant?' She replied, 'Oh yes, I love 'your Melody', it's so cute!'
And after that, she proudly announced to her daddy that she had 'Mommy's Melody' bento for breakfast in the morning.

Lil' Giraffe Breadsticks

Hina used to love these vegetables bread sticks. She would have them every morning for breakfast. However, few months ago, she switched to butter rolls.
To encourage her to have something healthier in the morning, I turned the bread sticks to little giraffes, hoping she would have a change of appetite.

Pls email jmamababy@gmail.com to enquire on tools used for the little giraffes.

Teddy Bear Breakfast

Hina likes to watch TV recently, especially in the morning during breakfast.
To make her focus more on what she eats, I made this teddy bear from butter roll, sausage, cheese and seaweed.
It works quite well.